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Frequently asked questions

What is a Liposome?

A liposome is microscopic sized spherical sac or sphere of phospholipid molecules (phosphatidylcholine) enclosing a nutrient, such as vitamin C or glutathione. Enclosing the Vitamin C in a liposome allows the Vitamin C to pass through the stomach acids and bile salts in the digestive (GI) tract and into the bloodstream without causing stomach or intestinal distress.

What are Essential Phospholipids (Phosphatidylcholines)?

Phosphatidylcholines (PC) are a class of phospholipids that incorporate choline as a headgroup. They are a major component of biological membranes and can be easily obtained from a variety of readily available sources such as soybeans. They are also a member of the lecithin group of yellow-brownish fatty substances occurring in animal and plant tissues. Given its role in cellular functioning, it’s no exaggeration to say that without the presence of phosphatidylcholine, life as we know it could not exist. In fact, research shows that ingesting high concentrations of quality PC provides enormous health benefits in terms liver, cardiovascular, kidney, lung, gastrointestinal (GI), neurologic, and skin function.

What is Liposomal Encapsulation Technology?

Medical experts have used Liposomal Encapsulation Technology for numerous years to transport minute amounts of beneficial substances to specific organs or cells without being altered and without adversely affecting other parts of the human body. Many health-promoting substances can be encapsulated in Nano-sized liposome spheres.

What is the Source of the Lecithin Used in Your Products?

The lecithin we use in our products is certified NON Genetically Modified Organisms (NON GMO) and derived from the oil extracted from soy which contains no soy protein. The allergenic component of soy protein is removed prior to our proprietary manufacturing process. Since there is no soy protein in our lecithin, there is a very slight chance of acute allergic reaction. People with extreme soy allergies or sensitivities should however be cautious.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Why Are Your Products Made with NON GMO Materials?

The public outcry in the nutritional supplement and produce market clearly defines a growing concern for Genetically Modified Organisms. We use certified NON GMO materials in the manufacture of our products as a matter of choice. NON GMO materials come at a premium cost to us but, we believe our customers deserve the very best.

Why Should I use Aurora Nutrascience’s Mega-Liposomal Products Instead of Regular Pills?

Aurora Nutrascience’s Mega-Liposomal products offer Greater Bioavailability. Through our proprietary process Vitamin C or Glutathione molecule are encapsulated in liposomes that ensure much greater absorption into your body’s bloodstream through the GI tract. This allows for greater efficacy of these nutrients into your body’s bloodstream.

What is the Recommended Dosage?

Everyone is unique and their reason for taking nutritional supplements varies. Our recommended dosage is based on the feedback we have received from our customers. We have customers that take multiple dosages per day for their own reasons. There are numerous studies that have been published showing no toxicity level has ever been found with vitamin C, glutathione or phospholipids based liposomes supplementation.

Our recommend dosage for general wellbeing is;

For Vitamin C- 15 ml (1 Tablespoon)
For Glutathione- 15 ml (1 Tablespoon)

Should I Take Mega-Liposomal Vitamin C Mega-Liposomal Glutathione Together?

There are countless studies that attest to the fact that Vitamin C and Glutathione play synergistic beneficial roles in the body. We have many customers that use both our products every day as part of their wellness and nutritional program. Supplementing with a combination of both products is of course completely up to the individual.

Should I Consult My Doctor Before Supplementing with Your Products?

A as matter of good practice, you should always consider consulting your physician prior to making any significant change to your eating, exercise, or supplementation regimens or habits.  If you are currently under a treatment program for any major health condition, or if you have hemochromatosis, any type of hemolytic anemia, G6PD deficiency, known kidney insufficiency or failure, or you are currently taking a blood thinner like warfarin (Coumadin) you should consider consulting your doctor before starting a supplementation program that includes any form of vitamin C.

Are there any Supplements or Medications that Should Not be Taken with Your Products?

Aurora Nutrascience Mega-Liposomal products are made from premium materials and nutrient molecules. That being said, these products should not interfere with other supplements or most medications. Because any form of vitamin C can interfere with Coumadin or Warfarin, you should consult with your physician or pharmacist before using any of these medications with our products. If you have any additional questions about possible interactions with medications consult your physician or pharmacist.

When is the Best Time of the Day to use Your Products?

Our products are safe to use at any time during the day or night. As with most nutritional supplements, it is best to take them on an empty stomach a few minutes prior to a meal to provide the maximum efficacy and transition into the bloodstream. Using Mega-Liposomal products too late in the evening may result in a temporary increase in energy levels which may interfere with your normal sleeping schedule.

Can I mix Your Products in Hot Beverages like Coffee or Tea?

Due to the nature of the structure of our Mega-Liposomal products, at no time should you use them in hot beverages. Antioxidants like Vitamin C and Glutathione break down quickly at high temperatures rendering them useless as a nutritional supplement. However, our Mega-Liposomal products can be used in cold drinks such as water and juices.

Can I Mix Your Products in a Blender?

We do not recommend using any high speed shear type mixer or blender with our Mega-Liposomal products. Liposomes are delicate structures that can be damaged by violent shearing, agitation and or heat. If you would like to incorporate our products into smoothies, please do so by adding the Mega-Liposomal products after they have been blended.

Are your labs and quality control reviewers located in the USA? Or other countries?

We have a multimillion dollar in house R&D Lab and QC lab facilities. We also work closely with 2 independent QC labs and 2 University’s.

how you produce your products and where they are produced ?

All of our products are manufactured in Toronto Canada. All ingredients are vetted in our state of the art in house laboratory for purity under the close supervision of our PhD, Head of R&D and their lab technicians. Our tests include but are not limited to microbial, heavy metal content and purity against the manufacturers COA’s and our Company’s stringent specifications.

Do Your Products Contain Any Gluten or Sugar?

No. All of our products are completely gluten and sugar free. Our manufacturing facility does not process any products that contain gluten or sugar so there is no chance of cross contamination.

Are Any Animal Products Used in Your Products?

NO. There are animal products used in any of our product lines.

Is There Alcohol in Any of Your Products?

No. There are no forms of alcohol in any of our liposomal product formulations or manufacturing processes.

Why does Your Mega-Liposomal Glutathione have a Slight Sulfur Smell?

Mega- Liposomal Glutathione contains pharmaceutical grade glutathione. Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide with a gamma peptide linkage between the amine group of cysteine (which is attached by normal peptide linkage to a glycine) and the carboxyl group of the glutamate side-chain. The very slight sulfur smell is attributed to the cysteine molecules. Our proprietary manufacturing process encapsulates the glutathione molecules significantly reducing the sulfur aroma.

Do I Store the Open Product Bottle in the Fridge?

Yes. Our products are extremely stable but, in order to maintain the products freshness it is important that you refrigerate any open bottles and shake well before using.

Why Do Your Product Bottles have Such High Levels of Tamper Proofing?

Customer safety is paramount to us. From the beginning it has been one of the cornerstones of our Company’s success. Our bottles are covered in a one piece shrink wrap label with an integrated dosing cup. We also utilize a childproof cap and a pressure sensitive seal on the mouth of the bottle ensuring that the customer receives one of the safest bottled products in our market.

Why Do You Include A Dosing Cup With Your Products?

We want to make sure that our customers have the ability to take the right dosage of our products without the guesswork associated with various sized kitchen spoons and measuring cups. Although there is no concern with overdosing any of our products, we want to make it as convenient as possible for our customers.

There is no foil protection over the mouth of the bottle? Is this normal ?

There should be no issues as long as the original shrink sleeve label was intact and the bottle was not leaking.

Can Your Products be Purchased Direct from the Company?

No. We have purposely set up our distribution network through Amazon. By doing so, we believe we are giving our customers the safest E-Commerce experience coupled with the quickest and most dependable shipping in the market. All of our product sales logistics are done exclusively through Amazon via their global warehouse and distribution centers. Because of this, sales orders received are treated as a priority and most cases are shipped the same day of purchase.

Do Your Products Sell and Ship to International Markets?

Yes. We do ship our products to other countries around the world. There is a secondary shipping charge involved on a per country basis as well as the potential for importation taxes and duties which must be paid by the customer. Secondly, it is up to the customer to confirm that our products are acceptable under their specific country’s nutritional supplements laws. We are currently considering a model where we will be selling and distributing our products through Amazons distribution centers in Europe and Asia.

Do You Offer Any Discount for Multiple Bottle Orders?

No. We currently do not offer discounts for multiple bottle orders. We strive to provide our customers with the lowest prices in the market for the highest quality products.

Are You Interested in Other Distributors?

Yes. We are always looking for ways to service our customers more efficiently. If a secondary distribution path makes sense, our team will investigate the opportunity on a case by case basis. We have provided a ‘Link’ at the bottom of our website for potential distributors to make contact with the Company.

Are Your Products F.D.A. Approved?

The Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) does not approve or disapprove of nutritional supplements such as Vitamin C and Glutathione. The F.D.A. regulates products such as pharmaceutical drugs.  Aurora Nutrascience Inc. complies with all regulations that govern nutritional supplements under the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act.  We utilize GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. This is a voluntary designation that the F.D.A. would like to see all nutritional companies follow.

Is There Any Information That Can Be Found Regarding the Benefits of Taking Your Products?

There is an overwhelming abundance of scientific papers, media information and first person experience stories available on the internet touting the benefits of Vitamin C and Glutathione. We have taken the time to provide a small cross section of some of these sources on the ‘INFO LINKS’ pages of our website.

*Important Notice:  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Aurora Nutrascience Inc. products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.